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Home Tips

How to choose the right color for the exterior of your home.

Depending where in Southern California your home is located certain color schemes may be more prevalent. Thats why the professionals at Orange County Painting Company always recommend scouting your neighborhood to see what your neighbors are doing. Especially in areas where a developer has built several of the same homes. This allows you to see what your home could potentially look like if painted the same or similar shade of color.

Choose a color that complements your home’s brick, siding, stone or roof color. In addition to a color scheme that blends with the neighborhood and complies with your home owners association, which can often have stringent rules on what colors you can use. Often your HOA will already have approved colors for you to choose from.

Because color may appear different depending on the time of day, Orange County Painting Company will paint sample colors on different parts of your homes stucco and trim to ensure 100% satisfaction with your color choice(s).

To make your home seem larger paint the eaves the same color as your walls. By doing this the color will flow effortlessly, making for a nice transition from one surface to the next.