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New Coating Technology! Spare Your Home From Wildfires

California faces an active fire season this summer as a result of years of drought. Which means entire neighborhoods could be threatened as a result of a growing population and shortage of housing units which has led to urban sprawl by developers who are building homes closer to national wild lands.

In order to help combat the fast spread of wildfires into urban areas Orange County Painting Co. now offers the technologically advanced application of flame resistant coatings to the exterior of homes located within Orange County, Los Angeles County, and San Bernardino County. Fire resistant coatings and fire retardant coatings have been tested in a laboratory to ensure they help prevent your home or structure from igniting as a result of embers or spread of flames often associated with wild fires. The fire resistant coatings applied by Orange County Painting Co. are of the highest caliber with a class A fire rating. Class A offers the greatest resistance to fire than any other fire classification. For more information on fire resistant coatings please contact Orange County Painting Co. at

Electricity Bill Has You Cringing? Simple step to slice your bill

With two months left in summer and more heat waves on the way expect to see your power bill surge. That is unless you have your home coated with the revolutionary technology of Cool Life. The Department of Energy National Laboratory found that Cool Life Coating Systems can reduce homes energy consumption by 21.9%. The coating when applied to the exterior of your home reflects the suns heat which results in lower wall surfaces to the exterior of your home.

When compared to homes with regular paint temperatures where up to 40 degrees hotter than those with Cool Life Coatings Systems. Contact Orange County Painting Co. at to learn more about lowering your homes power usage through the application of Cool Life Coating Systems.